The story of

Ro Galarza, Rocío Gal, or how finding all those talented creatives in between guides her never-ending exploration.

Ro Galarza was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1990. Rocío Gal was also born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1990.

Ro Galarza loves music, illustration, design, motion graphics, and working with colleagues and friends on different projects. 

Rocío Gal also loves the exact same things.


They both feel inspired by cooking, reading, and talking to strangers on the street.

  • On Inspiration

So yes, they are pretty much alike.

But Ro Galarza is methodical. Conscious. She takes every project to the pixel-perfect level.

On the other side, Rocío Gal is impulsive and intuitive. She loves experimenting and doesn’t care for perfection at all.

Ro Galarza is side A. All mind. Applied creativity and thinking. Rocío Gal is side B. All heart. Pure passion and no consequences.

What a perfect combination these two creatives might be. What a perfect combination, they are.

I have a very musical approach to design and a very designed approach to music.

  • On Her Performance

“And that shapes and inspires everything I do.”

These two unstoppable creatives find their way to think, feel, create and live together. They share their desk, their musical instruments, and their skin.

They can work on a design project for Netflix or compose a song about fire and anxiety.

They would enjoy working with tons of limitations on colours and shapes to create a motion film to present Museo Moderno of Buenos Aires’s new font.

My best way of working is when I’m in contact with and open to surprise.

  • On Her Process

Or they would even jump into the absolute freedom of Arriba, a personal project involving shooting, editing, choreography, costume design, dancing, and more.

“I feel like I’m kind of a “graphic searcher”, continually oscillating between experimentation and structure. My best way of working is when I’m in contact with and open to surprise.”

Yes, they are the same person, but they could not be more different.

One, the motion designer and art director always strikes the right balance between emotion and precision.

The other, the singer and musician does things a little bit differently. When she composes, emotion and expression are the stars. The singer in her doesn’t care for perfection, she just needs us to feel. And she achieves that goal, every single time.

I never have a roadmap to get to a specific place.

  • On The Key to Success

But they do have one thing in common. They are not scared of any project. They might know it by heart, or have never heard a word of it, but they will always take chances and go for it. Like the time Ro was asked to work on an Adidas project for Copa América.

“I know nothing about football. And I had this huge motion project in which I had to create an animation for the Argentinean National Football Team and one for the Colombian one. So I bought a beer, played some tango, and started working on it. A few days later I did the same for Colombia. Different music and drink. Same process.”

Maybe that’s why both of them meet through dancing. A truly liberating exercise in which the passion-focused musician and the pixel-perfect designer can have fun, relax, experiment and realize they share more than a heart and a mind. They share an impulse. A way of thinking, doing, and creating.

“I never have a roadmap to get to a specific place. I love the idea of surprise guiding my process and inspiring me. I just set limits here and there and work based on that. That’s a system I use for everything I do.”

It materializes what I am thinking and processing at the time.

  • On Drawing

The same thing happens when Ro uses illustration to sublimate a feeling.

“Drawing is extremely important to me. It materializes what I am thinking and processing at the time. Something that makes me uncomfortable. Or even something that makes me laugh.”

She uses illustration as a personal exercise. As a way of understanding and making sense of a reality that somehow eludes her. Months could go by without her even drawing a line. But when she needs it. It’s always there. Illustration always helps her navigate different topics and sensations, like anxiety, an emotional estate, or current events that are too huge for her to embrace, like the environmental crisis in the Amazon or an election process in a faraway country.

“The topic always finds me. Not the other way around. It’s just a feeling that’s immediately translated into a sketch. And maybe a few animated frames afterward.”

I’m sharing working spaces with people I’ve always admired. It’s like a non-stop learning process.

  • On Networking

So Ro and Rocío work together perfectly. But we are not talking about just two people in this one-body team. She always shares her work with colleagues and friends.

“I share screen with my friends all the time. And I love their criticism. I could change a whole project if a person I trust and respect gives me a completely different point of view and makes me think…”

And her network goes a long way for her. She always surrounds herself with people she looks up to, both in design and music.

“Right now, I’m sharing working spaces with people I’ve always admired. I have no words to describe how that feels to me. It’s like a non-stop learning process.”

One could have no doubts about how Macramè fits so perfectly in her life. An ecosystem full of multi-talented creatives. A global network of completely different souls always finding their way to make stories come to life. A unique universe in which Ro Galarza -the motion artist- and Rocío Gal -the singer- and all those fantastic creatives in between can feel at home.

Like when they both meet at the dance studio.



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