Meet The Website Knots

As with every project at Macramè Network, our website is the result of a group of talented people working together.

Stories by

Federico Stöltzing

Fede is an award-winning executive creative director with over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry. Over the course of his career, Fede has worked for some of the world’s top agencies and brands, creating engaging stories to connect with different audiences. He currently runs his own creative shop and does consulting work for different brands and agencies.

Website and Illustrations by

Estefi Panizza

Estefi is a graphic designer based in London who specializes in branding, editorial design and digital. Also known as “The Queen of Color,” she’s worked for international agencies such us Design Bridge, Umbrella, and Macramé.

Ben Longden

Ben is a graphic designer and creative coder who has worked both agency and client side. Currently working as the digital design director at The Guardian, this part-time doodler has 10 years’ experience in branding and editorial and digital design.

Special thanks

Lucas Daglio

Goran Mimica

Fernanda Cozzi

Wendy Gosselin